Condition Monitoring System

The SKF WindCon System provides the operator with the complete overview of the wind energy park and it’s mechanical condition every day – every hour – every minute.The SKF WindCon System will equip operators with the knowledge they need in order to maximise every opportunity to carry out normal or urgent maintenance.

Using vibration sensors mounted on a turbines main shaft bearing, drive train gearbox, and generator, Condition Moitoring System collects, analyses, and compiles  a range of operationg data that can be configured to suit a wind farms specific requirements. The data collected facilitates root cause failure analysis to eleminate recurring failures and keep costs down.

The SKF WindCon System enables the operator to:

• Improve overall uptime of the wind turbine

• Enhance maintenance timing and efficiency

• Reduce the overall maintenance cost

• Detect small problems before they lead to major breakdowns

• Gather statistical data to investigate component and system trends


More information about WindCon System :

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