Oil Exchange

DWS exchange oil in wind turbine gearbox and hydraulik group. We are equipped with professional mobile machine dedicated to this type of work.

We provide expertise of oil condition and deliver full of reports to the customer.

Benefits of Use of the OIL Exchange Machine.

  • New oil is filtered to ISO cleanliess levels
  • Enclosed process reduces chance of spills
  • Vacuum drain speeds evacuation of oil
  • Connect directly to gearbox to reduce spills
  • Hoses up once and down once
  • 1,5 to 2,5 hours for one complete oil change


About us

DWS Wind Turbine Service

DWS Wind Turbine Service


ul. Stradomno 92, 14-200 Iława, Poland
+ 48 510 358 985
+48 503 490 468

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