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About our firm
DWS Wind Turbine Service is a Polish company specialising in Wind Energy Sector. Services that we currently offer on the Polish market as well as abroad, include operation of wind farms, emergency and  long-term services of wind turbines. As one of the very few Polish companies available on the market, we have necessary competence and experience supported by practice and training organised by leading manufacturers of Wind Turbines. Companies such as SIEMENS GAMESA, GE ENERGY, VESTAS, PGE ENERGIA ODNAWIALNA, ENERGA WYTWARZANIE  to name just a few, have already benefited from the services that we offer.
Services A wide range of maintenance and repair.
Technical inspection
With our experience and professional tools, we are able to perform a real report of the Wind Turbine Technical Conditions. This is a very important aspect during : end of the warranty before buying us...
Condition Monitoring System
The SKF WindCon System provides the operator with the complete overview of the wind energy park and it’s mechanical condition every day – every hour – every minute.The SKF WindCon System will equip op...
DWS performs inspections of the wind turbine gearbox using an endoscope Ge XlGo...
Repairing current faults
Our team includes technicians and service engineers specialising in wind turbines services who have necessary qualifications and appropriate technical knowledge to properly diagnose and correct possib...
We offer overall periodic inspections: annually and half-yearly inspections. All the maintenance work we perform according the check-list producer of the turbine. We use professional and calibrated to...
Blade inspection
We perform inspection of Wind Turbine Blades. Available methods of inspection: Rope access Telescope   A person dedicated to this type of work in DWS Service took full blade inspection training i...
Oil Exchange
DWS exchange oil in wind turbine gearbox and hydraulik group. We are equipped with professional mobile machine dedicated to this type of work. We provide expertise of oil condition and deliver full of...
We perform work concerning alignment of the generator. We have a laser Pruftechnik device and full producer training. Our measurements are performed with precision of 0.001 mm, the results however are...
Bearing Exchange
Employees of our department – “Bearing Team” – specialize in the bearing replacing  in the gearbox and wind turbine generators. We have theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the proper per...
About us

DWS Wind Turbine Service

DWS Wind Turbine Service


ul. Stradomno 92, 14-200 Iława, Poland
+ 48 510 358 985
+48 503 490 468

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